About Us

Five years from now, the Vetkoek Maleis brand
will be as well known as the best in the Fast Food industry;
and will signify integrity, honesty, trust
and commitment to exceeding stakeholder expectations.

We recognise our customers as our most important stakeholder.

We will endeavour to become an integral part of our target market.
Our guarantee will always be Best value All over!

Where It All Began...

Vetkoek Maleis originated from the small kitchen of a container bakery in Silverton,
owned by Sean and Doraine van Rij.... Initially they produced bread,
rusks and cookies at a phenomenal rate only to find there was no market for it....
Doraine suggested that they start a small take-away, in addition to the bakery.

Considering that they had no experience in the fast-food business,
they'd make a run of a product and test it
on the nearby mechanics and officers of the Police Garage
(They were always brutally honest, but willing to try again tomorrow!).
The container resembled a Spaza shop,
selling anything from achar and cigarettes to pap and vleis.

During this time there was a batch of flour that was fast approaching
its "use-by" date. They couldn't afford to waste it,
so they started making Vetkoek. The response from the market was instant;
instinctively they knew that this was what people had been waiting for....

There were many variations being sold but
that could compare to what "Ouma" used to make.
The van Rij's set about establishing
a new standard for Vetkoek in South Africa
- resolute in their decision to reinstate and elevate this simple,
inexpensive traditional meal to its former glory.

The success of this endeavor was soon evident in the congested parking lot,
and patient smiling faces as they waited for their orders.
The better the Vetkoek the more the customers.
It soon became a "MAD-HOUSE" - and so the name was born.

Excited customers wanted to become part of the success of Vetkoek Maleis
and insisted on Sean and Doraine sharing the successful concept,
resulting in the fast expanding Vetkoek Maleis franchise.

What makes us special ?

Vetkoek is enjoyed by South Africans of all ages,
population groups and income groups.
Vetkoek is holesome, filling and suprisingly healthy.

Our slogan "BEST VALUE ALL OVER" is our promise to our customers,
offering affordable, value for money food.

We never compromise on produt quality and always
value suggstions from our customers
on how we can improve even futher.